“BNI has introduced me to lots of fun and positive people who genuinely look for opportunities to help me grow my business.” Andy Woodley, Purplepigs

“I joined BNI Parade in 2011 and in that first year the business from BNI referrals was 30% of my turnover; it’s now 62% of my turnover, so as well as enjoying the benefits of making good friends in the group, the business benefits mean I can’t afford to leave!”
Simon Tyler, Highlightmedia

“It was a no brainier to join BNI after the success my husband had had. It works! The commitment of members means referrals! That means SUCCESS!!!”
Sarah Collins, Collins & Collins

“BNI accounts for 60% of my business and is an essential part of my marketing strategy.”
Paul webb, Artwork Creations

“BNI has developed a network for me that never existed previously..”
Richard Mills
P.M. Property Management (Wessex) Ltd

“Business opportunities and business support”
Christopher Pugh
Christopher Pugh Wealth Management

“BNI helped me when I went self-employed. 5 years later BNI brings me most of my business and I wouldn’t be where I am now without this amazing group. .”
Lyndon Beer,
LGB Electrical

“Referrals are always good to receive, but BNI gives you qualified referrals because members have introduced us first. We have received a lot of good business over our 6 years in BNI Parade.”
Graham Lake
Total Bathrooms

“Through BNI my business has grown by referring new clients to me for my courses and improving my visibility and credibility. “
Paul Carroll
Meadgate SC
Safety Advice, guidance and training .

BNI provides a network of trades and professions which has supported my business in many positive ways and enabled my business to grow. .”

Chris Pugh, Christopher Pugh Wealth Management

“Effective Networking creates opportunities. BNI Parade members are skilled in opening doors to and for businesses who offer good services and products. “
Neil Cobbold
Cobbold and Company
Accountant and tax advisor

“BNI is a key strategic marketing tool in our business for lead generation. “
Joanne Rolliston
Business Coaching